Hair Scheduler

A flexible system which can be quickly set-up to suit each business’ variations. At initial business configuration, the business owner-manager completes the chart or table to match staff-resource to service skills.


Allows end-customer and staff find staff matched to service. Time duration set by service. Can find suitable appointment time on App or Web Client, by searching for either Staff-resource, Or service.

Weekly staff-resource roster with auto-repeat & edit for new week.

Colour coded easy-display of appointments, by staff-resource. Over-lapping appointments by staff-resource allowed, where assistant supports senior staff.

Android App works offline to allow calendar bookings continue, when Internet access is down.

Manager & staff have Web client access to system, for remote access, And useful as back-up if business Internet service goes down. Web booking for end-customer 24/7. The business is always open.

Email confirmation of Appointment, with reminder 24 hours before.

Record Free text notes in ‘Appointment’, to store in Customer History. Management reporting, including Customer ‘No-show’ history.